100% Termite Proof

Termite-invasion is regular in Australia and costs a huge number of dollars to mortgage holders consistently. Hardcore Steel frames & trusses are totally termite resistant, saving you expensive treatments just as giving you genuine feelings of serenity about the wellbeing of your construction.


Fire Proof

A house made with wood casing can burst into flames effectively, making it defenseless against harm. As non-ignitable metal, Steel isn’t effortlessly harmed by fire. Thus, Steel Frames & Trusses are a superior decision for Australian environment which is inclined to fire perils and along these lines guarantees more prominent wellbeing.

Tough & Long Lasting

Timber outlines are powerless to a large group of underlying and estimation issues like contracting, twisting, breaks and bowing of dividers, among others. Top quality designing by us and steel’s regular properties dispose of all issues connected to timber structures in development of homes since quite a while ago run.


All steel framing works are effectively recyclable and can be reused without debasement or loss of properties, making Hardcore Steel Frames and Trusses an incredible climate agreeable alternative.

More Economical

Contrasted with different materials, Steel Frames and Trusses are more practical on the grounds that underlying expense is very serious just as support cost over the long haul. Additionally, the cost of steel is more steady than other elective materials.

No Architectural limitations

We see an ever increasing number of new ideas in house plans nowadays. Predominant underlying strength of steel outlines permits engineers to enhance and create inventive thoughts which look extraordinary and are simpler to execute too. Steel frames and trusses can be utilized for each home style from customary to ultramodern and minimal effort to extravagance.

Quick and Easy to Install

Being lightweight and accuracy designed, steel frames can be provided to the specific length and along these lines, decreasing nearby works of different exchanges. Pre-poked holes for plumbing and electrical wiring save additional time and exertion. All the more critically, laborers can be handily prepared to work with steel casing and amassing is a lot simpler and speedier.

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