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Steel truss frame vs Rigid frame Construction

Let’s see who wins! A support structure for a steel building kit can come in several different styles. One of the most defining characteristics of rigid frame metal buildings is its infrastructure of I-beam frames. Steel truss is shaped much like a wooden truss with a bottom chord, but the main exception is that all […]

Steel frames are the best choice!

Here are 10 reasons why With decades of evolution, light steel frames has always been the favorite versatile building material for many builders in modern construction. Steel provides many overwhelming benefits which is why many architects and contractors use light steel over other materials such as concrete and wood. Considering the freedom of design, the […]

Roof truss over rafter, anyday.

10 reasons why you’ll be making the right choice The difference between a truss and a rafter isn’t something most of us think about regularly – but it’s a topic of importance when it comes to building a home.  What’s the best way to hold up your roof? Are trusses the way to go, or […]

Steel framing in bushfire prone areas.

Bushfire prone areas? Steel frames are your best bet. Steel frames bring the future today: they make our homes, schools, older constructions and other properties a safer, more secure place. Where is steel used? Right into the structural infrastructure. Especially in regions with a track record in bushfire, such as the areas around Australia.  How […]

Rise of Steel amid Timber’s fall

Australia’s timber supplies have been falling for several years, generating longer lead times on orders and threatening to affect the schedules and costs of building works over the coming years. While Australia struggles with the right regulatory framework to encourage new plantations – a necessary element of any long-term solution – both suppliers and timber […]