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It may be surprising to hear that steel framing and steel trusses for homes are actually lighter than timber. Of course, steel is also incredibly tough and durable so it genuinely represents a high-quality, low maintenance choice in modern Australian construction that is also cost-effective.

In a nutshell, steel framing is stronger, more sustainable and more affordable, and when you choose HARDCORE Steel Frames & Trusses as your preferred steel framing providers, you are guaranteed the best service around.

Steel framing suppliers you can trust

At HARDCORE Steel Frames & Trusses, we specialise in supplying the highest quality steel framing materials, flooring systems and roof trusses used by professional developers, builders and homeowners all across Australia. From structural steel framing and steel trusses used in conjunction with metal roofing, to light steel framing, steel floor joists and other materials essential in all kinds of different construction projects.

We also stock all the essential frame accessories you will need for any task conveniently in one place, so why not browse our products today?

Our products include:

  • Beam hangers for steel floor joists that are designed for all residential and ‘normal load’ situations. The clever design of the I-Beam hanger allows for greater flexibility in its fastening and prevents the steel floor joists from moving and making noise.
  • Triple grip connectors that are designed specifically for connecting steel trusses and come in left and right-handed variations.
  • Galvanised universal multi grips have bendable bottom legs to enable them to be used for a wide variety of different applications.
  • 22mm standard ceiling battens and 40mm roof battens that are easy to handle and store. 

Our products are 100% termite-proof, fire-resistant, and will not rot.

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Get in touch with the professionals at HARDCORE Steel Frames and Trusses. If you’re in Victoria, you can give us a call on 0450 111 114. For people living in New South Wales, please call 0450 111 115. Alternatively, you can drop us an email any time at