Calculate your roof truss

Do your own home math When it’s time to replace your roof, the contractor isn’t the only one that has work to do. If you’re in the market for roof replacement, you’ll have to take the time out to educate yourself on a few different roofing components and their dimensions. Having this knowledge will help […]

Truecore steel worth it
Is Truecore Steel really worth the Hype?

Are you building your house and wondering whether to go with timber or steel? Well if going for steel, Truecore is one of the well know and the most reliable name in the industry. It is the standout choice for numerous tasks across Australia, including mid-rise buildings, instructional and also health facilities, house blocks and also domestic residences. […]

How do I plan my home’s construction?

Let’s go point-by-point shall we? Once you have a home design that suits your lifestyle and is as energy and water efficient as possible, you need to make that design into a reality.You will first need to choose a builder. Look for one with a good reputation and experience, and commitment to sustainability principles.You can […]

What makes a good Frame and Truss supplier?

It is rare that a magician reveals its trick Choosing the right roof truss supplier for your project is an important decision as there are a number of roof truss suppliers out there. Different roof truss suppliers can offer a range of services to suit your requirements. Here are a few services that can be […]

Prefab homes vs site constructed ones

Let’s see who wins! The major difference between on-site homes and prefabricated homes is that on-site built homes are built entirely at the final location, whereas prefabricated homes are built first in a factory before being transported to the home’s final destination. What works and what doesn’t work On-Site Homes On-site built homes have the […]

Why choose Steel Framing?

More advantages to make the case Once used primarily for industrial and commercial buildings, steel framing has become increasingly popular among homeowners. Both wood and steel are effective, renewable building materials, and the final choice may come down to which type of frame suits your project more. Before deciding, it’s important to know how steel […]

How is Steel Durable?

Let’s have a behind the scenes look Fireproofing refers to rendering something fire-resistant or incombustible. It could be an entire structure, a specific material or some building components. This is considered a passive fire protection measure.  There are several fireproofing methods used in construction. However, it is important to note that items classified as “fireproof” […]

Why are steel frames our planet’s best friends

Steel-framed buildings are increasingly getting more popular by the day. They have found use in both residential and industrial buildings to the extent that you wonder why the sudden shift in preference to steel buildings rather than the traditional brick buildings. The reason for the increased shift in preference for steel-frame buildings over bricks is […]

Steel truss frame vs Rigid frame Construction

Let’s see who wins! A support structure for a steel building kit can come in several different styles. One of the most defining characteristics of rigid frame metal buildings is its infrastructure of I-beam frames. Steel truss is shaped much like a wooden truss with a bottom chord, but the main exception is that all […]

Steel frames are the best choice!

Here are 10 reasons why With decades of evolution, light steel frames has always been the favorite versatile building material for many builders in modern construction. Steel provides many overwhelming benefits which is why many architects and contractors use light steel over other materials such as concrete and wood. Considering the freedom of design, the […]