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HARDCORE™ Steel is an Australian-owned steel framing company providing complete build solutions.

HARDCORE™ steel aims to provide LGS solutions to residential, commercial, multi-story residential or commercial even tiny houses projects. From planning, designing, manufacturing, delivering and installation, we will support every phase of your project. 

We are currently based in NSW & ACT with the aim to expand throughout Australia. Our passionate and energetic team is growing strongly year after year yet our mission to deliver quality framing remains unchanged.


Why HARDCORE™ Steel?

Light Guage Steel frames have always been the favorite versatile building material for several builders in modern construction. HARDCORE™ steel provides many overwhelming benefits which is why multiple architects and contractors recommend it over other materials such as timber. 

A building frame made from HARDCORE™ steel is strong, straight and precise, won’t twist or warp over time, or catch fire. Also, HARDCORE™ steel is termite and borer-proof. Considering the freedom of design HARDCORE™ steel frames are the smart choice.


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How do I know that HARDCORE™ steel frames will be strong enough?

HARDCORE™ steel uses BlueScope steel which is strong and meets the requirements of all relevant Australian Standards. HARDCORE™ steel is further manufactured and engineered to meet the relevant structural requirements of the National Construction Code.

Are there on-site benefits for construction with Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems?

Steel frames are precision engineered, dimensionally accurate, straight and true (there is no need for frame straightening), and they arrive at to site pre-fabricated and ready for installation. Builders and tradies have told us they appreciate the lightweight nature of steel. And arriving at the site pre-fabricated can improve on-site efficiency and also help to reduce on-site waste.

Are HARDCORE™ steel frames quick to install?

Since HARDCORE™ steel wall frames come pre-fabricated and ready to be installed straight away they are time savings compared to some other building materials such as timber and concrete.

How can I be assured that frames made from HARDCORE™ steel are good quality?

HARDCORE™ steel is made by BlueScope which makes sure to follow strict tolerances and fully complies with all relevant Australian Standards. Steel frames don’t shrink, twist or warp over time which may help reduce builder call-backs and ongoing maintenance issues.

What warranty is available on HARDCORE™ steel?

HARDCORE™ steel comes with a 50-year warranty from BlueScope. The warranty is offered to eligible applicants for residential applications and is subject to terms and conditions. For full terms and conditions and to determine eligibility please visit or call BlueScope on 1800 800 789. In addition, consumers have rights under Australian Consumer Law that cannot be excluded, modified or restricted, and BlueScope’s warranties do not affect those rights.

Are steel-framed buildings successful in the long run?

Steel framing is not a new technology rather a steel framed houses are built since the early 1950’s and in recent years have gained in popularity.

How will termite proof frame benefit me?

Every year in Australia many houses are damaged by termites and borers which are not visible to the naked eye. Rectification of these damages may incur thousands of dollars or worst case scenario that the damage is not repairable and is not covered by a standard insurance policy. So it is wiser to get Frames made from HARDCORE™ steel that is 100% termite and borer proof. As anyone who’s had to deal with termites would probably tell you, it’s worth doing everything you can to stop them, right from the start.

Can steel frames be used for building in a bushfire zone?

Steel Frames can be used in a bushfire zone as they are fire resistant for a adequate amount of time.

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