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Since HARDCORE™ steel wall frames come prefabricated and ready to be installed straight away, they are time saving as compared to some other building materials such as timber and concrete.

HARDCORE™ steel uses BlueScope TRUECORE steel which is strong and meets the requirements of all relevant Australian Standards. TRUECORE steel is further manufactured and engineered to meet the relevant structural requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC).

HARDCORE™ steel is made by BlueScope TRUECORE steel which allows to incorporate strict tolerances and fully complies with all relevant Australian Standards. Steel frames don’t shrink, twist or warp over time which may help reduce builder call-backs and ongoing maintenance issues.

HARDCORE™ steel comes with up to 50-years warranty from BlueScope. The warranty is offered to eligible applicants for residential applications and is subject to terms and conditions. For full terms and conditions and to determine eligibility, please visit or call BlueScope on 1800 800 789. In addition, consumers have rights under Australian Consumer Law that cannot be excluded, modified or restricted, and BlueScope’s warranties do not affect those rights.

Steel framing is not a new technology, rather steel framed houses have been built since the early 1950’s and in recent years have gained in popularity.

Every year in Australia many houses are damaged by termites and borers which are not visible to the naked eye. Rectification of these damages may incur thousands of dollars or in the worst-case scenario, the damage irreparable and is not covered by a standard insurance policy. Thus, it is wiser to get Frames made from TRUECORE steel that is 100% termite and borer proof. As anyone who has had to deal with termites would tell you, it’s worth doing everything you can to stop them, right from the start.

Yes. When used as part of the NASH bushfire standard, frames made from HARDCORE™ steel provide simple design solutions to achieve compliance when building, even in a flame zone. For further information please refer to the National Association of Steel-Framed Housing’s Standard ‘Steel Frames Construction in Bushfire Areas’ or visit

Due to its high strength-to-weight rate and high durability and rigidity, HARDCORE™ steel can be used to make almost anyone or two-story houses as seen in Australia. However. it is possible to make three and four-story houses as well with HARDCORE™ steel. Long spans, open spaces and any roof design are achievable with HARDCORE™ steel.

Due to the ease of use of HARDCORE™ steel, any trade can work with steel framing. HARDCORE™ steel comes with pre-punched service holes making it easier for plumbers and electricians to work around. Most frames are installed by qualified framers who can work with both steel and timber.

HARDCORE™ steel frames and trusses are really easy to handle and work with. HARDCORE™ steel frames come with an installation manual that can be referred to at any time. All the connection details are in the manual provided. HARDCORE™ steel aims to give support and guidance at all times.

Yes, steel framing has been successfully used in the housing industry since the 1950s. Specific advice is available from window and cladding manufacturers.

HARDCORE™ steel uses BlueScope steel to manufacture frames and trusses. BlueScope steel meets all the relevant Australian Standards (AS1397:2011 and AS/NZS 1365:1996) for thickness, width, mechanical properties and coating mass.

Since HARDCORE™ is termite and borer-proof, HARDCORE™ steel doesn’t need to be treated with insecticides to keep these harmful pests from eating your frame. So, if minimizing insecticides around your home is a priority for you and your family, building your home with HARDCORE™ steel is a great way to start. Visit the National Association for Steel-Frame Housing’s (NASH) information page:

HARDCORE™ steel frames are strong, durable and free from twisting and wrapping. This is made possible as there is no absorption or drying of moisture in steel frames. Steel framing in a properly constructed and insulated home expands and contracts in response to temperature changes at rates reasonably similar to those of other building materials. And steel frames won’t shrink, twist or warp over time so there’s less chance of sticking doors and window jambs, nail pops and wavy roof lines due to frame movement.

Yes, steel framing can be fixed directly to a concrete slab, or to steel flooring systems on brick, concrete, or steel piers.

Most pictures can be adequately supported by a variety of commonly available plasterboard anchors. Heavier items can be drilled and screwed directly into the studs and the studs can be easily located with a magnet or stud finders which are readily available from hardware stores.

A frame made from HARDCORE™ steel can be lined, insulated and clad in a variety of ways which can deliver the desired thermal and acoustic properties.

All the designs are certified by a third-party structural engineer who issues us the structural integrity certificates.

All the steel frames, roof trusses or floor joists come with fasteners and other fixing materials required internally and externally.

Floor joists squeak when they are not installed or designed correctly. HARDCORE™ steel floor joists are carefully designed to minimize any squeaking.

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