Steel Framing And Building Solutions


With decades of evolution, light steel frames has always been the favorite versatile building material for many builders in modern construction. Steel provides many overwhelming benefits which is why many architects and contractors use light steel over other materials such as concrete and wood. Considering the freedom of design, the strength of integrity, and ease of maintenance, light steel frame is the smart choice. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions of using steel frames in construction, and therefore, we are listing the benefits of Light frame Steel frame construction to clear any myths.


Faster Build Time

In the construction business, time is so precious that it equals money. Every client demands their business projects to be completed under budget and ahead of schedule. But, for architects and construction crew taking shortcuts can lead to unsafe building practices. If you don’t want to exceed your deadlines and blow your budget, then Lightframe Steel frames are the way to go. Most of the steel parts are prefabricated to a specific design in the manufacturing plant and shipped out. These parts are directly erected on the site, hence eliminating the chances of human errors. Since the steel parts are prefabricated, they already follow the respective code standards and dimensions. Therefore, your engineers do not have to worry about the quality of each piece.


Steel is Eco-Friendly

Since the steel frame is a completely recycled material, every steel frame structure can be recycled, making it an eco-friendly material. Eighty million tons of steel are recycled each year, thus making it the world’s most recycled product. Since 1990, the steel industry has reduced energy intensity per ton of steel produced by 28% and CO2 emissions by 35% per ton of steel shipped. By using the high-quality prefabricated steel parts, you can have an air-tight and comfortable steel frame structure, thus ensuring that your structure is completely sealed. If you want to keep your construction project eco-friendly, then light weight steel framing is one solution.


Durability & Versatility

Steel has obvious durability advantages. The components included help steel to sustain more structural weight and last longer than the wooden ones. Lightframe Steel components are lighter and stronger than weight-bearing wood or concrete products on your steel frame structure. Lightframe Steel can be moulded in any shape and size. Steel has always been an attractive option for the construction market, due to its versatility and exterior ability. With the help of the steel, you can let your artistic imaginations and construct a building that is both safe and resilient.



When you compare the density of steel with the density of wood, steel is heavier. But the shape of the steel plays an important role to determine the weight of the material. For instance, the design of the steel I-beam is lighter than the structurally sound wood beam design. Also, lightweight steel decreases the requirement of labour, reduces shipping costs, and simplifies the structural support systems. When you get all these advantages, it can further reduce your construction project budgets.


Lower Costs in the Long Run

Steel has always proved to be economical in the long term. Rather than paying landfill fees for non-recyclable construction, your company can reduce the expenses by using Lightframe Steel in the steel frame structure. Since steel is durable, it requires less maintenance, hence reducing the costs throughout the building’s lifetime. Due to the demand for steel in the construction business, steel prices are lower than it was some years back. With faster construction time, steel construction time, you pay fewer payments to the lender during the duration of the process.


Hybrids with Other Building Materials

Many companies have paired materials to take the best advantage of the strength, durability, and support benefits of different materials. For instance, many construction companies offer hybrid steel and wood buildings which take advantage of the insulation properties of steel and wood.


Easy Fabrication

Steel parts are easily fabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes. This also means that you can customise them to bear specific loads in steel frame structures. You can even support your design and structure it at places where it is needed the most. Lightframe Steel can be easily altered even after they are installed in a building framework.


Pest and Insect Resistant

The components in Lightframe Steel are immune to the degrading effects made by pests and insects. On the other hand, if you install a wooden framework, you might experience pest and insect issues unless it is adequately treated.


Moisture and Weather Resistance

Lightframe Steel has good moisture resistant properties depending on the carbon content. You can even enhance the rust resistance of steel by treating the metal with hot zinc coating and extra powder treatments. These treatments will help your steel frame structure to be more immune to the effects of water, further resisting the impact of the weather. There is also a Lightframe Steel myth that a steel frame structure can expose the risk of lightning strike as Lightframe Steel is an excellent conductor of electricity. The fact is that with a properly grounded steel frame structure with Light frame Steel, it will transfer the current straight to the ground which makes it much safer than traditional non-metal structure.

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