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Structural Steel

Structural Steel

HARDCORE™ Steel provides both hot dipped galvanised and primed structural steel

Light Guage Steel’s construction is known for durability and flexibility. At places where required flexibility is not achieved, LGS construction is clubbed with structural steel to achieve it. Structural steel increases the performance of light gauge steel. HARDCORE™ steel structural steel is knowns for its strength and versatility. All kind of structural steel is available depending on your project need.

Structural steel is considered one of the most important resources because it makes infrastructure extremely strong. Large building projects take the advantage of structural steel to achieve fascinating design results.

Apart from being strong and versatile, structural steel is cost-efficient and time-saving at places where speedy construction is required. Since they come in a wide variety of sizes and shape it provide flexibility in construction. At HARDCORE™ steel, we provide two types of structural steel: Hot dipped galvanized and primed depending on your need and requirement.

Why Light Gauge Steel is Better?

HARDCORE™ steel provides many overwhelming benefits which is why many architects and contractors recommend using HARDCORE™ steel over other materials such as concrete and wood.

Considering the freedom of design, the strength of integrity, and ease of maintenance, HARDCORE™ steel frames & trusses is the smart choice. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions….

Advantages of Structural Steel

Our clients often ask us how HARDCORE™ structural steel differs from traditional timber. Here are some of the benefits of using HARDCORE™ structural steel over wood:

  • They provide more strength and flexibility
  • They are non-combustible
  • It takes less time to erect on site
  • Won’t twist or wrap over time
  • They are termite and borer proof
  • HDG is corrosion proof

Hot Dipped Galvanised and Primed structural steel are both anti-corrosion and is widely used in Australia.

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