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HARDCORE™ Steel roof trusses are light weight, durable and termite proof

HARDCORE™ steel provides roof trusses that are best in performance and durability. They are easy to install and an excellent alternative to timber trusses. HARDCORE™ steel manufacture roof trusses using Bluescope steel that meets all the relevant Australian Standards.

All the roof trusses are designed using advanced software and manufactured using world-class machines. All the roof trusses at HARDCORE™ steel are customizable to a range of architectural configurations and accurate down to a single millimeter, steel provides an unsurpassed level of finish to any project.

Since steel weight is almost 50% less than timber, HARDCORE™ roof trusses are incredibly lightweight and make them easy to transport, lift and maneuver. Its light yet rigid composition allows for greater spans with less material. These impressive strength-to-weight ratios open the door to an infinite array of design options.

HARDCORE™ steel roof trusses are long-spanning and light to install. The flexibility of our software and the skill level of our details makes for light work of any truss design. We offer the option of in-plane for short spans, or back-to-back for long spans.

Why Light Gauge Steel is Better?

HARDCORE™ steel provides many overwhelming benefits which is why many architects and contractors recommend using HARDCORE™ steel over other materials such as concrete and wood.

Considering the freedom of design, the strength of integrity, and ease of maintenance, HARDCORE™ steel frames & trusses is the smart choice. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions….

Advantages of LGS Roof Trusses

Our clients often ask us how HARDCORE™ steel roof trusses are different from traditional timber roof trusses. Here are some of the benefits of using HARDCORE™ steel roof trusses over timber:

  • Increased span with minimum support
  • They are non-combustible
  • Takes less time to erect them onsite
  • Won’t twist or wrap over time
  • They are termite and borer proof
  • They are moisture and weather resistant

Ease of handling of HARDCORE™ steel roof trusses enables us to transport roof trusses to far regions of Australia.

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