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It is rare that a magician reveals its trick

Choosing the right roof truss supplier for your project is an important decision as there are a number of roof truss suppliers out there.

Different roof truss suppliers can offer a range of services to suit your requirements. Here are a few services that can be provided:

  • Site visit
  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Delivery
  • Installation
  • Technical documentation and advice

Site Visit

It is important to ensure that your roof trusses are designed and manufactured to the correct, and exact, specifications and measurements. Therefore, a virtual site measure can be beneficial if you are not sure about the figures you are meant to provide.

Not all roof truss manufacturers provide a service of this nature, but here at HSFT we can offer you this service. Your local Design Team will arrange for a virtual site measure to carry out your measurements and confirm your project requirements.


The roof of your home is the key focal point exterior to the house and therefore it is important to get the design correct. It is important to decide whether you want a traditional pitched, flat or curved design, but you also need to consider the structural system used and whether you want to use the roof space as a living space. In addition to this, it is important to know the type of roof you want and thus the type of roof truss required (e.g. fink, mono, attic, etc.).

The size, spacing and span of the roof trusses must be carefully calculated and designed by highly skilled technical employees. HARDCORE Steel uses leading software for structural engineering, to design your roof trusses. The software allows Designers to create 3D models of your requirements which allows you to gain a better understanding of your drawings.


Roof trusses are manufactured off-site in a safe and controlled environment. This helps speed up installation on-site and also reduces labour cost.

HSFT has continued to heavily invest in all our manufacturing sites, in equipment technology and infrastructure, to ensure we improve our operational efficiency, performance, quality, environment, health and safety. 


The delivery of your roof trusses must be close to the time of installation, as it is advised not to keep them in storage for long periods of time.

At HARDCORE steel we ensure to schedule delivery as close to the time of installation. We have the capabilities to deliver roof trusses of up to around 15 metres long and 4.5 metres in height on our fleet of articulated vehicles. And with our unrivalled network of sites across Australia, all strategically located to ensure we meet the demands of all regions.

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