Steel Framing And Building Solutions

Australia’s timber supplies have been falling for several years, generating longer lead times on orders and threatening to affect the schedules and costs of building works over the coming years.

While Australia struggles with the right regulatory framework to encourage new plantations – a necessary element of any long-term solution – both suppliers and timber retailers have roles to play to mitigate the effects of current supply shortages.
This is supply shortage had taken a hit amid the rise of coronavirus cases. The skyrocketing demand for timber has put pressure on the HomeBuilder program for months.
Thousands of jobs are at risk in New South Wales in Australia as the state’s timber supply runs out as soon as April, as predicted by experts, because of the bushfires and the pandemic.
While this is a big problem in the timber market, this crisis has opened new opportunities for steel-framed houses.

When it comes to homes in Australia, many people think Steel Framed Homes are a relatively new concept in modern housing. However, what many people don’t realize is that steel has been used as a building material for homes in Australia for over 50 years.

  • Today, steel is used all over the world for nearly every building application possible.
  • 1.Computer technology has made cutting and prefabrication of steel frames for kit homes more cost-effective and versatile.
  • Steel frame and trusses manufacturing technology for kit homes have now caught up with timber frame technology.
  • Joining systems, screws, and nail fasteners for kit homes have made the manufacture of steel frames easier, cheaper, and more reliable.

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