Gyprock Fyrchek™, an optimal choice for commercial construction projects that demand stringent fire and acoustic performance standards. Engineered with a specialized glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core, Fyrchek™ enhances fire resistance ratings within CSR wall and ceiling systems, simultaneously improving acoustic capabilities.

Crafted in Australia, Fyrchek™ is available in both 13mm and 16mm thickness options, presented in 1200mm widths. Its design features recessed long edges, facilitating seamless flush jointing for a polished finish.

Primarily designed for commercial settings, Fyrchek™ finds its application in a variety of scenarios, including fire separation and smoke walls, intertenancy partitions, multi-residential unit ceilings, lift wells, plant rooms, and any interior non-wet area that necessitates a fire or acoustic rated system. Choose Fyrchek™ for dependable fire and acoustic performance in your construction endeavors