Gyprock Fyrchek™ presents a dual-purpose solution, enhancing both acoustic performance and fire resistance. Crafted with care, it comes in 13mm and 16mm thicknesses, with a width of 1200mm, all proudly made in Australia. This plasterboard excels in improving fire resistance ratings within CSR wall and ceiling systems, making it an ideal choice for fire-rated commercial constructions demanding top-notch fire and acoustic performance.

The core of Gyprock Fyrchek™ is uniquely engineered with a glass fibre-reinforced gypsum, making it suitable for fire rated wall and ceiling systems while effectively enhancing acoustic properties. The recessed long edges of the sheets facilitate seamless jointing, lending a polished appearance to installations.

Tailored predominantly for commercial applications, Fyrchek™ finds its niche in various settings, including fire separation and smoke walls, intertenancy and party walls, multi-residential unit ceilings, lift wells, plant rooms, and any interior non-wet area that requires a fire or acoustic rated system.