A robust board with strong fire resistance, perfectly suited for inclusion within fire-rated wall or ceiling systems. This product is proudly Australian made. Its acoustic insulation capabilities are notably exceptional. Additionally, it incorporates a potent yet gentle anti-fungal agent, offering heightened protection against mold development.

Typically utilized in Party Wall systems, the Shaft Liner MP boasts a fiber-reinforced core encased in heavy-duty linerboard. This construction ensures its ability to withstand fire, positioning it as an ideal component for fire rated walls or ceilings. These panels also excel in delivering outstanding acoustic insulation, finding their application in Gyprock’s commercial wall and ceiling systems, especially when demanding high fire ratings or superior acoustic performance.

The innovative Shaft Liner MP panel distinguishes itself by introducing a potent anti-fungal agent that permeates not only the plasterboard core but also the front and back paper of the board. This comprehensive coverage offers augmented protection against the onset of mold growth, particularly in the early stages of construction.